Steel structures at the heart of our business since 35 years!

Our company can meet your steel structure requirements
by providing the following services:

  • Engineering the foundations and steel structures;
  • Manufacturing and installation of a wide variety of metal structures;
  • "Turnkey" project based on our blueprints or based on plans and specifications
    including design, manufacturing and installation;
  • Structures and elements for telecommunications towers and electric substations;
  • Bridges;
  • Industrial subcontracting of your projects.

Our team of professionals will take charge of your project by first providing an estimate of costs within a given timeframe. Once the plans are approved, our plant manager and his team will oversee the manufacturing of the structures while respecting timelines and schedules, whatever they may be. The installation will be completed by a team of qualified fitters working closely with your project manager.

At Acier NordFab, nothing is left to chance. We believe that success is achievable not only through our team of devoted professionals, but also by establishing a relationship based on trust with our clients and by offering quality products.

Our company can also meet client needs in French.